European Culture - cosmopolitan, individual, simple and versatile. Drawing from the influence of the Europe's rich culture to create "casual fashion" that is not needed but desired. Made in Italy, European Culture selects high quality natural fibers, paying particular attention to resistance to wear and tear. This, together with innovative and sophisticated style, makes each design unique and unforgetable. Skilled dying technicians make it possible to offer the collection in a wonderful spectrum of colors. Composed of 2 to 7 different fabrics, each piece is dyed for 4 hours at 95C! 


This results in garments of the highest quality, unique colours that are fully shrunk and washable. Once worn, these special pieces increase in value, comfort and beauty over time. Synonymous with elegance, modern life and fashion European Culture is aimed at the most discerning customers who are particularly sensitive to quality and comfort, and who seek fashion with an interesting yet timeless design. 

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