For wholesale enquiries, 
please contact FashionLink 1-213-627-1235
For wholesale enquiries, 
please contact FashionLink 1-213-627-1235
Aventures Des Toiles means Adventures of Canvas. Aventures Des Toiles sources contemporary paintings from all over the globe, from Africa to Santa Fe (and everywhere in between!) and then creates beautiful, original clothing using the art. Based on seven paintings each season, under the guidance of Francois Gadrey, the design team of ADT, create some of the most exciting product in todays market place. Fresh, Creative and Innovative, this collection has been exceptionally well received by our customers who are now anxiously awaiting next season's exciting creations!


Hailing from Germany, over the last 20 years Beate Heymann has honed her design skills to a fine art. Utilizing the finest of fabrics, she is not scared to push the envelope, yet always keeping saleability in mind... This stunning collection is an absolute "must see"!
Cristina Gavioli is an innovative Italian brand conceived for the selective, fashion conscious, modern woman. Her dynamic lifestyle demands easy to wear fashion. She prides herself in quality and casual elegance, yet at the same time she seeks excellent value for money.
Since 1989 Mario Rosa has been honing his skills with a single vision; to build a French workshop known for its quality and cut. With a keen eye for the latest styles and trends, he remains ahead of the crowd.

His unique blending of materials, his attention to detail and finish, along with his selection of premium furs and leathers, is the reason that Giorgio can now be found in the finest stores in France and around the world...
Indies is an exciting better contemporary womens collection born in the 
South of France under The Garella Group, one of France's leading manufacturers. The collection is full of life and spirit, paying attention to quirky details and femininity. Using innovative, Hi Tech fabrics, Indies has fast become a well known label amongst specialty boutiques who strive for a unique look. Indies continues to grow each season and continues to create beautiful, unforgettable clothing…

NOT SHY... Ultra feminine and bold, ageless styling is the signature that is Not Shy. From cosy chunky knits to the coolest, finest mesh, these knit experts select and work with only the finest Cashmere from Lower Mongolia.  This Paris based design house balances classic style with creative newness, from dip dyes and prints, to an unexpected combination of fabrics, the choice of 20 colors each season is sure to please even the most discerning palate.


As it's tag line says, Not Shy is The Hottest Cashmere.
Just take a look at this season's collection to see why...

Rodika Zanian launched her own brand in 1987, impassioned by the construction of European fashion. With the support of her business partner JP Jonathan, she decided to focus on designing a unique collection for women, specializing in knitwear and with designs rich in construction; enticing due to the creation process. After graduating with a degree in the Architecture and Fine Arts, Rodika, Romanian by birth, adopted Paris as her home in 1980. The selection of natural and soft materials are the essence of her collections. These become the nucleus which Rodika brings to life by playing with proportion, size and shape of each design. Along with the natural beauty of her fabrics and styles, it is this playful side that delights her customers. Over the years, her unique melange of construction, fabric and texture has become her signature. Each season, Rodika’s singular goal is to make her customers feel both fabulous and feminine. The entire collection is made in France with most of the fabrics and yarns being sourced from Italy. Her label can be found in the best stores both in France and around the world and is represented by agents in France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong and The United States of America. Her first eponymous boutique was launched near the Quartier du Marais in 1990, followed by a second one in 1995, in the very fashionable neighborhood of
St Germain des Près. In 2003, her third shop, in the very stylish and beautiful Gallery Vivienne near the Royal Palace, opened with a new design and presentation concept. « RIEN N’ETANT AQUIS , CHAQUE NOUVELLE COLLECTION EST UNE REMISE EN QUESTION, UN NOUVEAU DEFI, MAIS EN MÊME TEMPS UNE TRES BELLE AVENTURE » - Rodika Zanian “Nothing in life is certain and we have to re-evaluate each and every detail.
We have to question each move as each new collection presents new challenges, but at the same time we start a wonderful adventure” - Rodika Zanian
For wholesale enquiries, 
please contact FashionLink 1-213-627-1235
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