Functional design, typical for Bauhaus and sensitive feminine romantic aspects find to a distinctive handwriting. An interplay.

Encouraged by receiving the Avantgarde Fashion Prize, Susanne decided to open her first SUSANNE BOMMER monobrand store 1993 in Munich.  She built up own structures to develop and produce her ideas. Since then, she has been surprising with her distinctive silhouettes. Her expressfull reductional cutting. Her sensitive color world. The lightness, almost weightlessness of her clothes. The balanced ability to combine, which is addicting to your customers as their clothes form a wardrobe. Susanne Bommers' deep conviction is to strengthen, delight and appreciate customers.

To do everything for its well-being. To renew it, to inspire it, to invent it. Support their femininity in a cool way. Strenghtening of individuality. Wearing Susanne Bommer is an attitude. Every material that is formed is subject to these values. This uncompromising depth is reflected in each of her models. The stylings are innovative. Individually. Break with values. Turn everything upside down, imperceptibly. Exaggerating humorous. Take back yourself sensitively. Are elegant or playfully sexy, overwelming reduced. Cut and optimization is developed exclusively in her own studio in Munich. Just like the sensitive play of colors. An important aspect in Susanne Bommer's work. Reflection, fall, weight, grip, washing, finishing ... a consciously coordinated interaction produced in own structures. The materials are designed and formed step by step, at the highest level of craftsmanship. Model by model are coordinated with one another. They grow into a picture.

Susanne Bommer wants to make the most diverse combinations possible. She wants to empower the customer. And women can feel as soon they wear it.


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